Swiss Mobility

Famous swiss architect charles-edouard jeanneret defined swiss design in these simple words; rationality, economy, and functionalism. Swiss mobility products are bourne of this same ethos. Swiss style is anchored in the authentic pursuit of simplicity – the beauty in the underlying purpose, not beauty as the purpose itself. Inspired by this movement, the principle “form follows function” became a battle-cry of modernist architects around the word from the 1930s on. Most of what has come to be identified as the “swiss style” can be distilled down to a focus around bold contrasts, minimalistic embellishment, & earnestly geometric shapes and typography, while avoiding an over-reliance on textures and illustrations.

Swiss Mobility Power Pack 18000
The 18000 packs the power to provide up to 10 times your smartphone life.
Swiss Mobility 6FT Rugged Alloy Cables
Our 6FT Rugged Alloy Cables are tangle-free and ultra-durable. Safely sync & charge your devices.
Swiss Mobility 4FT Flat Cables
Our 4FT flat cables are tangle-free and come in Black, White, Turquoise and Pink.
Swiss Mobility 3.4 Amp Car Chargers
Low-profile car chargers with dual ports. Charge 2 devices at once.
Swiss Mobility 2.4 Amp Wall/Travel Chargers
Ultra-compact & high-speed wall chargers with folding prongs.