Swiss Mobility

Famous swiss architect charles-edouard jeanneret defined swiss design in these simple words; rationality, economy, and functionalism. Swiss mobility products are bourne of this same ethos. Swiss style is anchored in the authentic pursuit of simplicity – the beauty in the underlying purpose, not beauty as the purpose itself. Inspired by this movement, the principle “form follows function” became a battle-cry of modernist architects around the word from the 1930s on. Most of what has come to be identified as the “swiss style” can be distilled down to a focus around bold contrasts, minimalistic embellishment, & earnestly geometric shapes and typography, while avoiding an over-reliance on textures and illustrations.

Swiss Mobility Power Pack 2800
The 2800 is barely bigger than a lighter and is perfect for a quick boost.
Swiss Mobility Power Pack 4000
The 4000 is a compact backup battery that extends the life of your average smartphone by 3 times.
Swiss Mobility Power Pack 5000 3-in-1 Smart Cable
The perfect on-the-go power solution for an actively connected lifestyle.
Swiss Mobility Power Pack 6000
The 6000 is well-suited for business trips and daily outings, providing up to 4 times your smartphone life.
Swiss Mobility Rugged Powerpack 6000
Dust proof & water resistant, the 6000 is the perfect companion for any adventure.
Swiss Mobility Power Pack 10400
The 10400 is with you all day and all night. The perfect option for a long trip.