At Jays we love music and it is that passion that drives us to design and produce wonderful sounding earphones and headphones. Every step we take in this process is taken with care and passion – our sole aim being to deliver maximum enjoyment for our customers. All of our products are custom designed within our R&D centre in Sweden, each model carefully tuned to suit a budget for all and replicate the original musicians desire to please. Innovative award winning design, award winning sound and a passion for quality – that is what Jays are all about.

The substantial depth of sound delivered by the v-JAYS headphones is the result of two 40mm speakers. These speakers are finely tuned to create a really heavy bass impact.
t-JAYS One
t-JAYS One delivers great tonal detail and its deep, warm bass notes enhance your music, lifting it into another dimension.
t-JAYS Two
t-JAYS Two offers up a little bit of extra power and breadth of sound needed to deliver that amazing ‘goose bump’ feeling which comes from watching your favourite band live.
t-JAYS Three
t-JAYS Three also comes with our invaluable in-flight adapter and stereo splitter extras – going that bit further to make your earphones more versatile than ever imagined.
t-JAYS Four
A crisp, clean and natural sound is what t-JAYS Four provides; anytime, anywhere. The included cable clip keep your cables at place without any tangling.
a-JAYS One+ White
On a-JAYS One+ we’ve added a one-button remote with a built in mic so you can control talk and music on most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Apple devices.