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t-JAYS Three

t-JAYS Three also comes with our invaluable in-flight adapter and stereo splitter extras – going that bit further to make your earphones more versatile than ever imagined.

Your t-JAYS Three loves music. It will deliver an ultra wide frequency range with a resonating deep bass response and a sound experience which will stop you in your tracks.

A crisp, clean and natural sound is what t-JAYS Three provides; anytime, anywhere. The JAYS-developed 10mm TCD driver with strong neodymium magnets ensures that instrumentals and vocals are reproduced in exactly the way the performers originally intended.

A vented bass port on the back with an acoustic filter effects a bass response which is snappy, precise and deep and vocals which are crystal clear and uplifting.

t-JAYS Three comes loaded with a huge range of silicone sleeve sizes from L all the way down to XXS. We understand the importance of a proper fit in order to get the best possible sound experience; especially in terms of bass response.

In addition to the standard 60cm earphone cable, an extension cable is available giving you a further 70cms to play with. This maximizes the flexibility of usage options; keep your music source in your jeans pocket, jacket pocket or on an armband and have the right length of cable each time which will help to avoid annoying tangles.

t-JAYS Three also comes with our invaluable in-flight adapter and stereo splitter extras – going that bit further to make your earphones more versatile than ever imagined.

And finally, to keep your accessory collection safe we have developed a stunning carrying case in a sexy combination of hard rubber and gloss plastic. Protect your earphones from everyday dirt and knocks in style when you’re out and about!

t-JAYS have been specially developed to provide ultimate comfort whether you’re wearing your earphones for just an hour a day or using them to enjoy your music all day long. Month after month our reliable earphones will deliver a consistently high quality audio performance offering enhanced detail and a wide sound-stage; and all from a surprisingly slimline design.

The combination of t-JAYS angled sound tube and flat design makes them one of the most comfortable and ergonomically dynamic earphones on the market despite boasting a large and powerful 10mm speaker. You can wear them in the standard earphone position or if you’re being more active, why not anchor them behind your ear. This, together with the option to split the cable from between 60cm and 130cm make them extremely versatile wherever they accompany you.

Connect your t-JAYS to an iPod, a phone or any other media player using the 3.5mm jack and take in the wide vista of sound delivered by the powerful neodymium driven 10mm speaker engineered by JAYS.

Now you can choose the t-JAYS Series which best suits your needs; from the entry level t-JAYS One, to t-JAYS Two, right through to the feature-rich ‘Three’. You can determine the finish and sound quality which is right for you and your budget.

Type: 10 mm TCD Dynamic Speaker
Sensitivity: 98dB @ 1kHz
Impedance: 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 25 000 Hz

Color: Rubber Coated Black
Isolation: JAYS Sound Isolating Sleeves
Size: (L)17.5 x (W)6.9 x (H)14.8 mm
Weight: 8 grams

Type: Dividable TPE coated & Kevlar reinforced cable
Length: 60 cm + 70 cm
Size: Width 5mm / Thickness 1.2mm
Plug: Straight, Gold-Plated Stereo Plug 3.5mm

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