Our Products

a-JAYS One
a-JAYS One comes loaded with a 8.6mm dynamic speaker engineered by JAYS. It is the perfect partner for on-the-go music enjoyment as it efficiently blocks out ambient noise.
a-JAYS One+
On a-JAYS One+ we’ve added a one-button remote with a built in mic so you can control talk and music on most HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, LG, Motorola and Apple devices.
a-JAYS Two
With the innovative flat cable design and its cut off back, the a-JAYS Two boasts a very slim and discreet in-ear fit and is extremely comfortable for everyday use.
a-JAYS Three
With an even wider frequency range than either the a-JAYS One or the a-JAYS Two, the a-JAYS Three is the perfect choice if you demand throbbing bass notes and crisp highs.
a-JAYS Four
With the sound from our a-JAYS tweaked to perform even better in the voice frequency ranges and designed to match your iPhone 4, get the most out of your music and calls.
Musubo Retro Case for iPhone 5
A true design original, this retro chic case showcases your passion for music while providing dual layer protection with a strong polycarbonate shell and soft silicon cushioned interior.